Sl No Description Download
1 All India Leave Travel Concession (AILTC) application form for surrendering of Privilege Passes Download
2 Application for Allotment/Change of Railway Quarters Download
3 Application for Change of Category Download
4 Application for Child Care Leave (CCL) Download
5 Application for Children Education Allowance (CEA) / Hostel Subsidy (HS) Download
6 Application for Commuted Leave / Sick Leave Download
7 Application for CSBF Scholarship Non-Professional 2021-2022 Download
8 Application for CSBF Scholarship Professional 2021-2022 Download
9 Application for disbursement of amount under Social Security Scheme (SSS) Download
10 Application for Emergency Quota (EQ) Download
11 Application for Final Withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF) for Marriage Download
12 Application for Final withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF) for Medical Expenses Download
13 Application for Final withdrawal of PF Money for HBA/Alterations/Purchase Purpose Download
14 Application for Higher Studies Download
15 Application for Inclusion of Divorced/Widowed daughter for Privilege/PRC/Widow pass Download
16 Application for inclusion of widowed daughter Download
17 Application for Issue of Duty Card Pass (DCP) - Fresh Download
18 Application for Issue of Duty Card pass (DCP) - Renewal Download
19 Application for Issue of Family Identity Card Download
20 Application for issue of No Objection Certificate (NOC) to Passport to Visit Foreign Countries Download
21 Application for issue of Post-Retirement Passes Download
22 Application for Leave Not Due (LND) Download
23 Application for Occupational Disease Physically _ Mentally Challenged Rly. Employee 2021-2022 Download
24 Application for permission to Retain Quarters Download
25 Application for Privilege Pass _ Privilege Ticket Order Download
26 Application for Request of Station Transfer Download
27 Application for school card pass for daily travelling Download
28 Application for School Pass for Vacation Download
29 Application for Temporary withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF) Download
30 Application for transfer of Post Retirement Pass from One Unit to Other Unit Download
31 Application form for (I) Inter-Divisional (II) Inter-Railway Mutual Transfers - Proforma-D Download
32 Application form for (I) Inter-Divisional (II) Inter-Railway One Way Transfers - Proforma-D Download
33 Application form for Advance of Purchase of Motor Car/Motor Cycle/Personal Computer Download
34 Application Form for Joining of RELHS-97 Download
35 Application form for personal computer advance Download
36 Application form for Residential Card Pass Download
37 CGA Forms Download
38 Complimentary Pass ID Card for Widow of Railway Employee (First Application Form) Download
39 Complimentary pass ID card form for widows Download
40 Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) for Retired Staff Download
41 Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) for Serving Employee Download
42 CSBF_DSBF 2021 - 22 Application for Financial Assistance for sickness staff in GP upto Rs.4600- (Level 7) Download
43 DAR Standard Form No.1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 Download
44 Declaration of Family Composition for E-Pass / HRMS Download
45 Employee Grievance Form Download
46 Employee Identity Card Form (ID Form) Download
47 Ex-India Leave Form Download
48 Family Composition Download
49 Form 4 Common Nomination Form for Gratuity etc. Download
50 Form 6 for Details of Family Revised Format Vide RBE No.70_2016 Download
51 Form for Permission for Construction of House Download
52 Form for Submission of Immovable Property Return by NG Staff Download
53 Form No.7 of Reconveyance for House Building Advance Download
54 Form of Application for the Grant of Family Pension - Form 10 Download
55 Form of Option to be submitted for pay fixation on Promotion / MACP Download
56 Format for Declaration to be submitted by the Officer/employee under the provisions of Sec.115BAC of Income Tax Act ,1961 for the financial year 2023-24 Download
57 Funeral Advance Form Download
58 Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to Railway Pensioners / Family pensioners - Change in option Download
59 HOER Roster Blank Form Download
60 Holiday Home Download
61 House Building Advance Download
62 Immovable Property Noting the Transaction Form III B Download
63 Immovable Property Prior Intimation / Sanction Form III A Download
64 Income Tax Saving Declaration Form Download
65 Income Tax Savings form 12 BB Download
66 IOD Form Download
67 IRT IDT and Departmental Transfer Forms Download
68 LAP Form Download
69 Leave Encashment Download
70 Maternity / Paternity Leave Application Download
71 Medical Reimbursement Claim Form Download
72 Model format for switch from NPS to OLD Pension Scheme Download
73 Movable Property Form IV A Download
74 Movable Property Prior Sanction Form IV B Download
75 National Pension System (NPS) – Subscriber Registration Form Download
76 National Pension System (NPS) form for Additional Nomination Download
77 National Pension System (NPS) form for Additional Request Details Download
78 National Pension System (NPS) form for correction Annexure S2 Download
79 National Pension System (NPS) form for Exit from NPS due to Premature Exit Download
80 National Pension System (NPS) form for partial withdrawal from Tier-I under NPS - Form 601 Download
81 National Pension System (NPS) form for request for Activation of Tier - II account Download
82 National Pension System (NPS) Subscriber Grievance Registration Form Download
83 National Pension System (NPS) withdrawal form for claim of Accumulated Pension wealth on SA of Govt. employee Download
84 Option form for switching over to 7th CPC Download
85 Pension Adalat Grievance Form Download
86 Permission for confinement of married daughter Download
87 Prior Intimation for Submission of Passport Application - Annexure ‘H’ Download
88 Residential Card Pass Renewal Download
89 Retiring Railway Servant Settlement Forms Download
90 Return of Assets and Liabilities on First appointment under Sec.44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas, Act 2013 Download
91 School / College Bonafide Certificate Download
92 Self Declaration for Claiming of Children Education Allowance / Hostel Subsidy Download
93 Self-declaration certificate for change of residence for claiming of Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) on Retirement Download
94 Service Particular Sheet for Officer Biodata to PCPO_Gaz. office Download
95 Staff Grievance- General Mangers Personal Hearing Download
96 Standard Form Number - 5 Download
97 Surprise Night Inspection Station and LC Gate Download
98 Train Reservation / Cancellation Requisition Form - English Download
99 Train Reservation _ Cancellation Requisition Form - Tamil - Hindi Download
100 Travelling Allowance Journal (TA Sheet) Download
101 Undertaking form for Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) Download
102 WCA Forms Download
103 Widow Complementary Pass Download
104 Withdrawal form for Tier II Account under NPS - AnnexureUOS-S12 Download